The search function works best if you use the Parcel Information Number located on your reassessment notice. Please enter the Parcel Information Number with all of the dashes; for example, if your Parcel Information Number appears on the notice as 01-23-45-678-901 please enter in the Property Lookup Search box below.

To search by an Owners name simply type the property owners Last Name and First Name.

You can also search by address. However, if there are multiple addresses on one parcel only the primary address will display in the search results. If you experience any issues with the search results or have any questions about the appeal process please call us at (217) 466-7418.

Quick Search

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You can use the Advanced Search options below :

  1. Owner:Jones*
  2. Owners:Smith*
  3. Parcel Information Number:Value*   (This value requires all of the dashes in the parcel number. 01-23-45-678-901*)
  4. Street:123 Main St*
  5. City:Stafford*
  6. State:VA*
  7. Zip:22554*
  8. Situs:123 Apple*
  9. PropertyClass:2-Single Family*
  10. Neighborhood:NHD321*
  11. NeighborhoodDesc:KANSAS - VILLAGE*
  12. LandType:80000*
  13. Acreage:.0-5
  14. Land:1-184000
  15. Improvements: 1-50000
  16. Total:1-65000

This site uses the latest single field search technology. Simply enter your search criteria and hit the "search" button to see your results. Please click on the question mark button for more advanced search techniques. Advanced techniques include targeting specific search criteria e.g., “acreage:1-5”, the use of the "*" wildcard character, and sorting options for tailoring the results to your specific needs.